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Monthly Webinar Update: September 2023

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Monthly Webinar Update: September 2023

Monthly Webinar Update: September 2023

As everyone is starting the new school year, we want to highlight some of our fall webinars. We have something for doctors, teachers, therapists, early interventionists, and families. We have a webinar to amaze you about what it takes for babies to learn to talk. We have webinars about children who are late talkers and who have social communication delays, autism, or challenging behavior. All our webinars are FREE and offer meaningful strategies you can begin using right away and opportunities to watch videos together.

For professionals who screen in primary care, diagnose, or determine eligibility:

  • Improving Early Detection of Autism with an Eye Toward Infancy — Join us on Tuesday, September 12th at 8:30pm ET. Learn more and register.
  • Sharpen Your Observation Skills Using the SORF for Earlier Detection — Join us on Thursday, September 14th at 12:30pm ET and Thursday, September 28th at 8:30pm ET. Learn more and register.

For families who have children with social communication delays, challenging behavior, or suspect their child has autism, get started right away to support your child’s learning in everyday activities:

    • About Autism in Toddlers — On the first Friday of each month at 12:00 noon ET, we offer our About Autism in Toddlers webinar, a companion to our signature course that is FREE for everyone. Join us on September 1st. Learn more and register.
    • What does it take to learn to talk? Baby Navigator brings this free webinar to you at 1:00pm ET on Thursday, September 7th and 21st. Learn how simple interactions — in activities parents are already doing each day with their babies — create learning opportunities to support brain development. Learn more and register.
    • How-To Guide for Families — Join us on Tuesday, September 12th and 26th at 1:00pm ET to get started right away if you suspect your child has autism. Learn evidence-based strategies to engage your child in everyday activities and help develop your child’s social communication skills. Learn more and register.

Mark your calendars for our 6-week fall webinar series starting October 25th for professionals working with children and families in early intervention or early childhood education: The Social Communication Development in Infants and Toddlers (SC•DIT), Learn more and register; and The Autism Navigator for Classroom Success in PreK through 2nd Grade, Learn more and register.

Visit our webinar page to learn about all 12 of our webinars. Use the calendar view to plan your
schedule. Visit our courses page to learn more about Autism Navigator online courses that expand on the content of our webinars. All our webinars are FREE, but you must register.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this email with professionals, families, and friends in your social networks. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming courses and webinars.

Best regards,
Amy M Wetherby, PhD CCC-SLP,
Distinguished Research Professor and Director,
Florida State University (FSU) Autism Institute

Autism Navigator was founded by Amy M Wetherby PhD CCC-SLP, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Autism Institute at Florida State University.