Webinar: Autism Navigator for Classroom Success in PreK through 2nd Grade

Who should attend?

This free webinar series is for regular education and special education teachers, district-level personnel, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, early interventionists, psychologists, behavior specialists, social workers, paraprofessionals, college students, and anyone else interested in learning about students with autism. This webinar is a companion to our new Classroom Success course, but anyone interested can attend.

What will we cover?

Participants will learn about an evidence-based framework to prioritize goals using a lens of active engagement and a layer cake of teaching strategies to promote learning and positive behavior. To achieve the intensity needed and promote generalization for students with autism, we will highlight the importance of teaching and learning across everyday classroom activities. Video examples and audience participation will be used to illustrate how to apply this model to both in-person and virtual classrooms, and to teach parents strategies to support their child’s learning in everyday activities at home.

This webinar is a 6-week series that covers the following 6 topics:

  • Week 1: Getting Started — Everything Grows out of Productive Roles
  • Week 2: Active Engagement Step 1 — Coming Together Layer 1 Supports for a Shared Agenda
  • Week 3: Active Engagement Step 2 — Keeping Together Layer 2 Supports for Social Reciprocity
  • Week 4: Addressing Challenging Behavior Part 1
  • Week 5: Active Engagement Step 3 — Working Together Layer 3 Supports for Better Skills
  • Week 6: Addressing Challenging Behavior Part 2
This webinar series will be repeated 4 times this year and will cover the same 6 topics. You are welcome to return for another webinar series.

When is this scheduled?

This webinar is a 6-week series and will be scheduled 4 times this year—Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Join the next webinar series and attend when you can.

  • Spring Session begins on April 20, 2022
  • Day: Wednesdays (barring holidays)
  • Time: 3:30 to 5:00pm (Eastern Time)

You must register to participate. You can find the specific dates on the Registration page. Once you register, you will receive email reminders for each webinar in the series.

How do I register?

The Classroom Success 6-week webinar series is a recurring Zoom session. When you register for the first time for a webinar series, you won’t have to register for future webinars in this 6-week series. Attend as often as you can.

Registration for the Spring Series is open.

Register Here

We cannot record our webinars because we show photos and videos of our families, so make sure to register with the link above.

Where is the Resources page for this webinar?

Be sure to go to the Resources page that we have created for you. You can find resource documents from our Classroom Success course and the research article on the efficacy study of this model with elementary school students. You can also find a link to the Feedback Survey for this webinar series. Attendance certificates will be emailed within ten days of each weekly session.

Classroom Success Resources

Hosts for this Webinar from the Florida State University (FSU) Autism Institute

  • Amy M Wetherby, PhD, CCC-SLP, Director and Distinguished Research Professor, FSU College of Medicine
  • Joy Moore, MS, CCC-SLP, Autism Navigator Master Coach and Global Trainer
  • Renee Daly Holland, MS, CCC-SLP, Assistant Director of Early Intervention Services Research
  • Lerena Fleck, MS, Autism Consultant for the FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
  • Debi Cassidy, BS, Autism Consultant for the FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
  • Catherine Zenko, MS, CCC-SLP, Director of the FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

Not sure where to go? We’re here to help: support@autismnavigator.com.