Webinar: Autism Navigator for Early Intervention —
JumpStart to Coaching and Knowledge & Skills Level

Who should attend?

This webinar series has been an exclusive benefit of enrollment in our Autism Navigator Intervention courses—Autism Navigator for Early Intervention Providers– Knowledge & Skills Level or Autism Navigator JumpStart to Coaching in Everyday Activities. Soon this webinar will be open to the public. Make sure to mark your calendar. When registration opens to the public, you will be able to register on this page.

What will we cover?

We will feature new content and videos in each monthly webinar for 12 months that focus on improving early detection, prioritizing intervention outcomes, evidence-base intervention strategies and supports, our coaching model with parents of infants and toddlers in their everyday activities, and fidelity of implementation. We will repeat the yearly agenda again each year with some updates to content and videos. You are welcome to keep joining this monthly webinar.

This monthly webinar will cover the following agenda to support your learning in Autism Navigator Intervention courses:

  • Updates on Autism Navigator and Baby Navigator online resources to help your families get started right away
  • Research in a Nutshell – highlighting new autism research findings about early detection and early intervention
  • Quick Review of a featured topic from the course to prepare for the video observation
  • Video Observation to provide an opportunity to watch video clips together and have a guided discussion
  • Questions and wrap up on what you are learning

When is this scheduled?

This webinar series is scheduled once a month and continues year-round and from year to year. Join anytime and attend when you can.

  • Day: 3rd Tuesday of each month (barring holidays)
  • Time: 12:00 noon to 1:00pm (Eastern Time)

How do I register?

You must register to participate. If you are enrolled in our Autism Navigator Intervention courses, you will receive an email with a link to register. Once you register, you will receive email reminders for each webinar in the series that will let you know about featured topics.

If you plan to join a group of colleagues to view the webinar from one monitor, please complete the registration step. This step is important because we often send webinar materials to registrants on the day of the webinar. You can participate individually in the webinar using the chat box as you view the webinar in a group. Your registration helps us to have a reasonably accurate count of attendees. If you plan to participate in the webinar on your phone, please make sure to download the Zoom app from your app store before the webinar begins.

We cannot record our webinars because we show photos and videos of our families, so make sure to register.

Hosts for this Webinar from the Florida State University (FSU) Autism Institute

  • Amy M Wetherby, PhD, CCC-SLP, Distinguished Research Professor, College of Medicine, Florida State University; Director, FSU Autism Institute
  • Juliann J Woods, PhD, CCC-SLP, Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine, Florida State University
  • Renee Daly Holland, MS, CCC-SLP, Assistant Director of Early Intervention Services Research, FSU Autism Institute
  • Joy Moore, MS, CCC-SLP, Autism Navigator Master Coach and Global Trainer, FSU Autism Institute
  • Patricia Armstrong, MSW, Autism Navigator Master Coach and Global Trainer, FSU Autism Institute

Not sure where to go? We’re here to help: support@autismnavigator.com.