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Featured Speakers and Panelists for the 2023 Summer Training Institute on Autism

Cheryl Boucher

Cheryl Boucher, MSEd, OTR

Cheryl Boucher is an occupational therapist. She also earned a master’s degree in special education. Cheryl has 25 years of experience working as an occupational therapist in a large urban school district. She currently works as an independent contractor for consultation and telehealth services. Cheryl is a speaker and presenter nationally, specializing in strategies to support sensory processing, executive function skills and motor needs of students with an ASD and related disorders. Along with Kathy Oehler, Cheryl Boucher is co-author of the book I Hate To Write! Tips for Helping Kids with ASD and Related Disorders Increase Achievement, Meet Academic Standards and Become Happy Successful Writers. Cheryl is also co-author of ‘Low Cost/No Cost Sensory Strategies for the Classroom’, published by Autism/Asperger Digest.

Cheryl Boucher receives a speaking fee from the FSU Autism Institute and book royalties from Autism/Asperger Digest. She has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

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